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From: Josh Fearno <>
Date: Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 11:29 AM
Subject: Apology from GPLA President

GPLA Members,

Let me begin this message with an apology for my lack of professionalism with regards to two recent emails I sent to you. It was never my intention to belittle, demean, or guilt anyone into “contributing to the brotherhood” by donating your personal sick time. It was the GPLA Board’s honest intention to utilize our email as another way for a GPLA member to ask for assistance during their time of need.

Comments received by various GPLA members have made me realize the desired message was perhaps lost in my tone and poor choice of words. This message was drafted by me and not the Board and for this I take full responsibility. I a sorry for any consternation or frustration it has caused any of you.

Honest feedback and open communication is critical to your elected Board regarding your organization. Please, never hesitate to reach out to anyone of the board members to voice your opinion, as many of you have done in this instance. We work on your behalf and will listen. It is essential for this organization to maintain a unified voice and to do that the leaders of your organization must know what it is each of you are thinking, feeling and experiencing regarding work matters and the direction this organization is moving.

I assure each of you the Board members volunteered to take the positions we now hold for the betterment of you and our department. We regularly meet to discuss what we can do to improve the working environment and make things better for the members of this organization. Often times that necessitates each of you bringing to us your issues and concerns.

Moving forward the GPLA will still provide the opportunity for a member to send out a message to the GPLA Membership as a secondary request for sick time but only after the member has authored an email requesting the time themselves.
The board will review the email and if there are no issues then the board will send the message out to the membership.

We will no longer be sending out generic sick time requests rubber stamped from HR. If a member is in need of time then it will be on them to ask the GPLA for help which we will do our best to provide.


Josh Fearno
GPLA President