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From: Josh <>
Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 8:33 AM
Subject: Black Lives Matter
To: list GPLA <>


As we try to go about our profession we have reluctantly been forced into the spotlight of society and the media. In our personal lives and while in uniform we are constantly inundated with conversations regarding what is occurring nationally. I stumbled upon this youtube clip which provides amazing factual rhetoric to assist us when those conversations arise.

Do yourself the favor and take the 5 mins to watch it. Then take another 5 mins to really listen to what is being said and incorporate the logic into your vernacular in order to intelligently approach these conversations when they arise.

The media supplies ample rhetoric to fuel the fires of the ACLU and movements like Black Lives Matter so it is our responsibility as police officers to know the truth and educate those who look to us for guidance regarding such matters.

Make no mistake about it, everytime you are approached at the grocery store, at a bbq, by friends and family people are looking to you for guidance on this issue. It is in our best interest to be knowledgable and defensive of the truth.

Educate yourselves and be safe…

Josh Fearno
President GPLA