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From: Josh <>
Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 2:03 PM
Subject: UPDATE: Compensation benefits package
To: list GPLA <>


In June I sent out this email regarding the Mercer and Compensation package. This is an Update on that conversation.

On Thursday Sept 8th I met with Human Resources and Command Staff to discuss the Compensation package discussed in June.

The Compensation will result in a pay increase for almost all town employees. For topped out line officers the move will be 3.4% or $1.32 an hour.

The move will push Sergeants and Lieutenants salary upwards to maintain the 5% step for promotions.

The implementation of the new pay scale will roll out in November and Human Resources plans on asking for it to be retroactive to July 1st.

The retroactive check will be paid out at one time in an undisclosed paycheck.

This is not official until the September 29th town council meeting when the council votes to approve the new scale.

Josh Fearno
President GPLA

mercer study.pdf