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Often times we have conversations amongst ourselves regarding issues we have with the town and our department. More often than not, we feel as though we have no control or power to enact change. In many instances change cannot and will not happen quickly so we accept that this is the way things are and we give up or don’t bother trying to make the change occur.

As your president of the Gilbert Police Leadership Association I sense the current frustration with staffing levels and know people are tired. Tired of excuses as to why they are still on stand-by and why we don’t have adequate staffing levels. Members of this organization have been patient and sacrificed for the good of the department only to find it asking more and more of them as time has gone on. Your board members and I, often contemplate what more can we do with what little influence we have? The answer to that question is alone, as individuals we have very little power or strength to enact change. However, as an organization of 207 members, the GPLA as a whole, is a force to be reckoned with.

As 207 individuals we can continue to be disruptive and bitter sending anonymous emails, blogging bitter words on social media sites and continue gossiping in locker rooms and briefings or we can take unified action together to help ease our own pain.

So how and what do we do?

We work together.

Change begins August 3rd. The Gilbert Primary Elections begin and our Fire Brethren are begging for us to help them and ourselves to change the tide by reaching out to support certain elected officials running for seats on the Town Council.

We complain about how things are, we are upset at the system, we believe things can not be changed but I argue that the might of 207 inspired, driven and even angry police officers can enact change that will have an immediate effect.

It is time we take a stand and tell our Town Council members we will no longer tolerate this lean staffing model, which is no longer sufficient for the demands of a Town with a population of 235,000 people. If the citizens deserve grade A service then we deserve to be adequately staffed and fairly compensated for that service.

If the current council elects not to listen to our concerns then we will do everything in our power to find, support and help get elected officials who do not believe it is satisfactory to appease the desires of the community upon the broken, exhausted sweaty brows of a handful of employees.

So I call on each of you to stand together to make an impact in this election. I am not asking much, only a contribution of your time to join fire fighters from all over the county who have volunteered their time to walk on our behalf…no on your behalf.

Attached is a link where you can sign up to walk in support of Joel Anderson who is running for a seat on the town council. For the next 5 Saturdays there is a walk event where people will come together to walk and distribute flyers for Joel Anderson.

Why Joel?

Your GPLA board sat down with Joel for a couple hours and discussed his positions on current trends in Gilbert. He made statements which, has lead us to believe he understands our staffing concerns and issues with current members on the council and he is also a strong supporter for meet and confer. He went as far as saying he understands the importance of re-establishing an MOU with Town Management.

To learn more about Joel and why he is the candidate the Arizona Police Association has endorsed and who we are going to support during this up coming election please visit him at either his website or his Facebook page. Both will provide more information about who he is and why he needs our support.

The Dates we will be walking to make change are:
July 30 – 10:30am
Aug. 6 – 0830
Aug. 13 – 0830
Aug. 20 – 0830
Aug. 27 – 0830

All days we will be meeting at Campo Verde High School.
Please click on the link above and join us as we walk to enact current and permanent change for the betterment of all of us.

For details on the Gilbert Primary Election they can be seen here compliments of Patrick Banger.

If you work every Saturday then I have signs you can post in your front yard. If you don’t live in Gilbert fine, I bet you know someone who does. We can ask them to join our cause and post signs in their yard.

We need every vote to push Joel through during the primary election so he can avoid the general election all together.

If we are successful in helping Joel get elected then we can focus on a secondary candidate during the general election.

One last note, just because you don’t live in Gilbert doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of this worthy life changing cause. Please help get the word out to friends and family who do reside in Gilbert as well.

Every volunteered hour will result in votes for Joel…Votes for Change!

Thank you,

Josh Fearno
President GPLA