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From: Josh Fearno
Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 8:40 AM
Subject: Fwd: Town Council Vote regarding Salary Re-structuring


On September 29th the compensation/salary restructuring package was presented to the Town Council by Patrick Banager and Carey Bosley at the Town Council meeting. Together they presented to the Town Council and Mayor Daniels opened it up for discussion.

Two things happened during this meeting that requires some scrutiny: First, there were concerns by Councilman Vic Peterson And Councilman Eddy Cook regarding the percentile move from the 50% percentile to the 55%. They wanted further clarification for the need to move the percentile and how it effects the bottom line for the town. Because the new salary structure put before the council was based on the 55% the entire council was not wiling to vote to approve the new compensation package without further discussion about the new percentile change.

Secondly, after 45 mins of deliberation Mayor Daniels perceived there to be much confusion on the topic and realized it would be difficult to put forward a clean vote on the topic especially with Jordan Ray not present. Based on what I witnessed I believe she moved to table the vote until the next meeting because she felt the vote might have been too close to force through without Jordan Ray being present.

After much deliberation, Mayor Daniels opted to push the compensation vote out until the October 20th Town Council meeting.

I will be honest from what I observed the overall conversation among the board members was positive and all of them agreed the compensation package needed to be approved but simply required further clarification before putting it to a vote. Which, will be on the agenda on October 20th.

I have heard many members discuss the compensation approval is being stymied for political reasons. I do not believe that is the case because the most vocal people during the discussion (last night) were not up for reelection this year. Another thing to consider is pushing this vote to October closer to the election only leaves the results of its approval fresher in the minds of the voters if they are opposed to increasing our wages. Which, in the end would not benefit candidates up for reelection.

Keep in mind when the compensation package is approved that HR has requested the new wages be retroactive back to July 1st.


Josh Fearno
GPLA President